Everything You Need To Know Before Contacting Us

We show contemporary 2D Art 

Red Region’s Luna Gallery is dedicated to showing original artwork by contemporary artists who create works that are more than just decorative wall hangings. 

Be it through your handling of the mediums you use, the aesthetic, or the subject matter, we wish to show works that stand out. 

If you are an artist who feels their work is unique, or your work makes a statement or tells a story that should be heard then we would love to see what you have to show.

What we look for 

If you’d like to show, this is the type of art we are seeking.

We are seeking artists whose work goes far beyond the decorative.  Does your art tell a story, make a statement, or cause emotions to come into play with the viewer?
Is the art you create meant to persuade people to think, or get them to take action?
Does your art educate or influence people to seek knowledge?
Can your artwork shock or offend the viewer?
Does your art heal the soul or give solace? 

These are the types of things that interest us. If you as an artist have a body of work that can be described in any of the above ways then we would be interested in taking a look. 



How to Get us to see your work.

If you are interested in a dedicated or semi-dedicated show we will expect you to be able to produce or have on hand at least twenty pieces that go together as a singular body of work connected by style, and or theme. 

If you are interested in having your art shown as part of our regular revolving works that we show between our main shows then we will expect at least five pieces that go together as a singular body of work connected by style, and preferably theme. 

Your art must be of an archival nature and physically sound. 

We realize that many artists work with found objects and alternative mediums these days, but our goal is to bring meaningful art to clients that wish to display works that will last beyond their lifetimes.  

As we will be working hard to expose and place the art into a collector’s hands we will require that while we hold the work it is exclusively offered by us.  

For works shown as part of our regular revolving works, we will require that the art arrives in our hands ready to hang by wire and ready to ship. All works which are framed must either not require glass or have shatter-resistant glass or an acceptable substitute.  Framing is not required for works on canvas with finished sides. 

For works intended for dedicated or semi-dedicated shows display and framing can be discussed and negotiated. 

Red Region’s Luna Gallery’s standard sales split for non-group shows is 40% of the listed price at the time of sale to the gallery with 60% going to the artist.  This amount may be negotiated ahead of time depending on various factors.